Au pair stockholm sverige

au pair stockholm sverige

the opportunity to find something now that is of mutual benefit! We get much praise for our services and we hope that you will enjoy them too. I have always wanted to go to America, been very excited about the fantastic culture and mentality, and I have decided I don't want to wait for my University exchange. Work day/hour: 5 days/week, 25 hour/week, Pocket money:.000 SEK/month. I am very comfortable with men, since I have an older brother and also due to this experience this is why I'm looking for another single dad with 1-2 children to take care of, preferably school age since I could provide tutoring an cultural exchange. Please contact me on Facebook if this sounds interesting: Isabelle Håkansson! I have an amazing and normal Swedish upbringing, I have seen a lot of the world already an dI can't wait to see more! Start date: January month. Children: 2 5, 10 year (daycare/school).

Application: FAM ID 1804 lund - sweden. The train station have regular connections to Malmo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Share what I can share and gain what you can share from your culture and experiences. We believe that personal contact and attention to details are the best way to match the Family and the Au-Pair together. LA or New York(where I've been twice) was the plan before Australia, but tht came in the way. During the au pair experience, I also helped out at the stockbroking firm with cooking and hosting during the monthly semiars, I also arranged their Christmas party with food, bartenders, party. New experiences, knowledge, excitement and human relations means a lot. AU-pair/nanny lund - sweden, iD 1804, aupair to Danish family in Lund.

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