Rosendals slottsträdgård stockholm

rosendals slottsträdgård stockholm

sandwich or something sweet from our artisanal bakery in the greenhouse café. We also supply some of Stockholms best restaurants and chefs with fresh produce. The Royal administration of Djurgården, who now owned the garden, demised the area for private practise and the garden transformed to several horticultural business garden. There is no Agoda account with this e-mail address. Today 7 different grapes are cultivated. History, the area today known as Rosendals Trädgård was in 1817 sold to the Swedish king Karl XIV Johan (Charles XIV John of Sweden also known as Jean Baptiste Bernadotte.

Rosendals, slott, stockholm, Sweden

rosendals slottsträdgård stockholm

Roses cultivated in the garden, rosa alba. All our cultivation is organically and Demeter certified. The purpose is to practise biodynamic agriculture and pedagogical education.

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Extra: Vegan Christmas Cooking Course in English! Together they reformed and structured the garden and its administration after their ideal, the Royal Horticultural Society in London. The production does not include any chemical additives, only the heat from the sun and nourishment from the earth. About the garden, today Rosendal is a market garden with vegetable fields, green houses, knivhugg ikea västerås a rose garden, an orchard, flower beds, compost areas, a vineyard, a playground, an educational garden for children, a bakery, a nursery, a shop and a cafe. Enter a new password for: This link has expired. Our chef Alena Grahn will introduce a 3 course menu that we will cook together and enjoy. For your security, you cannot re-use a previous password.