Bilder attacker stockholm

bilder attacker stockholm

the case of crimes for which there is a prison term of one billigaste tågresa till stockholm year or more. 59 He was officially arrested at 01:15 on 8 April, 57 60 and formally identified by the Swedish Prosecution Authority on 11 April. Akilov moved to Russia in 2009 to work at the same cement factory outside Moscow as his older brother, which he did until 2013 when he lost this job. Idrettsleder kritiserer kommunens integreringsarbeid". The vehicle ended up crashing into a department store. Retrieved "Pope Francis: prayers for victims of Stockholm terror attack".

bilder attacker stockholm

81 According to his lawyer, he "has expressed the explicit wish to be defended by a lawyer who is Sunni Muslim ". Video showed pedestrians frantically fleeing the scene, and the scene was reminiscent of other recent truck attacks in which terrorists wielded large vehicles into crowds of pedestrians. "Pressmeddelande: Bekräftade uppgifter om drabbade av händelsen i centrala Stockholm - Sll". Save 2 Comments, discuss on Facebook, there was a terrorist attack in Sweden when a large truck ran into a department store and crowd of people. Mr Eliasson said: "A technical examination is ongoing, we can't go into what it is right now. 11 12, the hijacker then drove the truck at high speed into a pedestrian street, going about 500 metres (1,600 ft) down.

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