Lund pro v bas 1875 recension

lund pro v bas 1875 recension

order your free Catalog, looking to catch up on the Lund Boats line-up? "Bottom line, the 1875 Pro-V Bass and 1875 Pro-V Bass XS have Lund DNA but fish like bass boats says DeChaine. Build Your Dream Lund, what are you waiting for? Quick specs, starting AT 38,315 mERC 150XL 18' 9" 200 max hp 96" beam width 36 Gallon fuel tank 1475 Lbs / 2823 lbs lbs towed 4 person / capacity 9' Rod storage, see Full Specs. "You're going to take this boat into fish-holding backwaters, creek arms and other places you wouldn't dare run a fiberglass rig he says. "Having such a stable hull is a godsend when fishing large lakes and reservoirs, or anytime you face heavy seas or big waves on any size body of water he adds. As a bonus, getting a" on the rig of your dreams is easy thanks to Lund's online Boat Builder feature, which allows you to choose the color, engine and options that fit your personal taste and style of fishing. Get a Catalog, explore this Boat, close.

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Whether it's to escape mid-winter's melancholy or simply savor the sweet anticipation of fun-filled adventures in the months ahead, we just can't help ourselves. Dealer sets the final purchase price. Additional Aft Storage, bench seating, command console, in-deck rod storage. Family fun, or big-water performance. Get a", find a Dealer. For example, a bench seating model rigged with a 200XL Mercury Verado and Tempest prop has a 38,957 msrp, which is far less than comparable fiberglass bass rockets. Full Specs, boat 115/200 HP Min/Max Horsepower 18' 9" Length 96" Beam Width.5" Stern Width.5" Chine Width.25" Amidship Depth.25" Bow Depth 25" Transom Height 20" Cockpit Depth 1475 Lbs (Bench Seating standard Boat Weight 4 Maximum Persons 36 Gallon Fuel Tank. Stretching 18 feet, 9 inches in length with a 96-inch beam,.25-inch bow depth and 25-inch transom height, the 1875 Pro-V Bass is available with traditional bench seating, while the 1875 Pro-V Bass XS Pedestal sports an innovative stockholm Väder november December flip-up seating configuration. What are you waiting for?

lund pro v bas 1875 recension