Bor i viborg

bor i viborg

administrative center of Vyborgsky District. See Tfd Russian Federal State Statistics Service. 14 Contents History edit Main article: Fief of Viborg Historical affiliations According to archeological research, the area of what is now Vyborg used to be a trading center on the Vuoksi River 's western branch, which has since dried. Retrieved August 4, 2012. There are also Russian fortifications of Annenkrone, completed by 1740, as well as the monuments to Peter the Great (1910) and Torkel Knutsson. A copper engraving of Vyborg in 1709 Vyborg remained in Swedish hands until its capture in 1710 after the Siege of Vyborg by Tsar Peter the Great in the Great Northern War. Vyborg was never a major industrial center and lacked large production facilities, but due to its location it served as a focal point of transports of all industries on the Karelian Isthmus, Ladoga Karelia, and southeastern Finland. (Council of Deputies of the Municipal Formation of "Vyborgskoye Urban Settlement". . Federal State Statistics Service. It lies on the, karelian Isthmus near the head of the.

In December 1941, the Government of Finland formally annexed the town along with the other areas lost in the Moscow Peace Treaty. At first, the Finnish Army did not allow civilians into the town. Citation needed The Nord Stream offshore pipeline runs from Vyborg compressor station at Portovaya Bay along the bottom of the Baltic Sea to Greifswald in Germany. Retrieved March 20, 2014.

Retrieved 12 February 2016. The evacuees from Finnish Karelia came to be a vociferous political force and their wish to return to their homes was an important motive when Finland sought support from Nazi Germany against the Soviet threat. During this time, Alvar Aalto built the Vyborg Library an icon of functionalist architecture. In AprilMay 1918, 360420 civilians were murdered by White Guards during the Vyborg massacre. Administrative and municipal status edit Within the framework of administrative divisions, Vyborg serves as konstmuseum göteborg pris the administrative center of Vyborgsky District.

bor i viborg

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