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commercial relations between Gothenburg and Asia already in the 17th and the 18th century gave rise to a spirit of openness to the world that characterizes the city also 400 years later. A unique, emerging way to organize this- is through the creation of an Innovation hub within the pharmaceutical companys premises to house small and medium sized high tech companies that specialize in related technologies to promote synergies through working in close proximity. The aim of the present study is to analyse the driving mechanisms behind this new trend of R D globalisation in MNEs, where foreign R D units increasingly are involved in the development of new technology for global, regional and local markets, rather than. As the industry and society requires modern advanced software engineering methods, students will learn how to identify the best available methods and tools, get knowledgeable about the industrial field of software engineering, and practice group research activities. Exempelvis utrikeshandel, internationella direktinvesteringar och teknologi- och kunskapsöverföring. In the teaching/learning sphere, the agile approach can be used in iterative meetings between doctoral student and supervisor for dissertation planning, direction, and evaluation. Forskare, projekt, publikationer (ny sida claes-Göran Alvstam, professor, sarah Franz, doktorand. The role of demand in new regional industrial path development - the food industry in transformation.

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Funded by The Swedish Research Council Formas. Together dignande julbord catering stockholm billigt with increasing acquisitions of companies with specialised competence, this results in a more decentralized location pattern of the R D units among MNEs. The chosen specializations or extended areas are further developed in the master thesis work that follows in the final term. Inge Ivarsson Claes. In the empirical analysis we will focus on two Swedish regions Scania and Värmland - and combine quantitative and qualitative techniques, including case studies of environmentally friendly food products. It has focused on how changes in the supply side of innovation influence regional renewal, largely neglecting the role of demand. Finansieras av Anna Ahrenberg Research Foundation. I listan *överst* på sidan presenteras årets publikationer vid institutionen för data- och informationsteknik, i listan nedanför presenteras publikationerna vid institutionen för tillämpad. My research area focuses on what happens when a management concept, such as Agile, diffuses and hybridizes with different geographical contexts.

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