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world, and does not include those who are fleeing from their countries. Metahaven ansvarar för Tensta konsthalls visuella kommunikation, inklusive hemsidan. Books include: Hus och rum för små barn ( House and Space for Small Children 1995; Karaktär och känsla ( Character and Feeling 1999; Kontinuitet och förändring ( Continuity and Change 2011. Självpresentation: Jag är forskare vid Institutet för Framtidsstudier. More Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht, Tensta konsthall, Stockholm, and The Showroom, London are pleased to announce the launch of the two-year project cohab that investigates meaningful ways in which artists and organisations can be deeply invested within their local contexts and. Trifa Shakely is the initiator of the campaign "Ain't I a Woman for undocumented women's rights to protection, and the former editor of the feminist magazine Bang. Within the framework of Tensta Museum some fifty artists, architects, local associations, performers, sociologists, cultural geographers, philosophers, and other practitioners have so far contributed artworks, research projects, seminars, guided walks, workshops and much more. Central are issues about economy, democracy, the audience and the ecosystem of art itself.

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Tuesday 20 November, 18:30 Katharina Bernd-Rasmussen and Moa Bursell. Bland Metahavens musikvideor finns Home (2014) och Interference (2015 båda med musikern, kompositören och artisten Holly Herndon som en del av ett pågående samarbete. Moa Bursell: I am a researcher in sociology at the Institute for Future Studies. The poem depicts a day in an imaginary city-state where everything is suspended in waiting for the arrival of "the barbarians". The project was called Ballongen ( The Balloon ). By employing literary modes and methods his works privilege the meaning of the local, the situated and the neglected detail. The point of departure for The New Model is Palle Nielsens legendary project from 1968, Modellen. Meike Schalk is an architect and lecturer at KTH School of Architecture focusing on city building and urban theory. 2018 A series of seminars at Tensta konsthall in collaboration with the Institute for Future Studies, for presentation throughout 2018 Can we be optimistic about the future of the world and mankind? This seminar is a collaboration with Alessandro Petti and The Royal Institute of Art.

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