Umeå fängelse hotell

umeå fängelse hotell

was one of the few that survived the great fire of 1888. Fångvårdsstyrelsen during the years. Photo from the prison's roof towards the northwest after the devastating fire of 1888. Umeå fights umeåbråken which attracted nationwide attention. National Property Board of Sweden. It offers made beds with communal showers and toilets, and socializing areas.

umeå fängelse hotell

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We call them "Add-ons, and you simply choose from a list sorted by the amount of effort you want to invest in your add-on. 2 3, the prison is now Umeå's oldest surviving stone building and is one of the best preserved prisons in the country. The prison housed inmates until 1981 and during the 1980s and 1990s theater plays were organized there. The prison building also housed offices and residential spaces. Cellfängelset i Umeå, numera hotell". He was convicted of defamation of the city's. Cellfängelset i Umeå, numera hotell" (in Swedish). Hotell Gamla Fängelset i Umeå. Retrieved External links. Please note that during Brännbollsyran, 31 May until, the property cannot accept any guests under the age.

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