Lund Video facebook

lund Video facebook

Mind you its midday and we werent even being loud at all drawing with chalk. In the video, posted to Facebook on July 14 and picked up by the Boston Globe and other outlets this week, Lund is shown asking a neighbor with a biracial daughter if they live in one of the affordable units, rather than in university housing. Ur innehållet: Andakt av pastor Fredrik Södertun Kalassommar - om träffarna i somras Gemenskapshelgen Sara Sjölanders resa. Höstterminen drar igång onsdagen den 5 sep.

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Lets delve into this horrifying nonsense, shall we? One of the most viral videos was of the woman dubbed. Can white people please just calm the fuck down and stop harassing black kids? She sounds very qualified. The image of her on the phone decked out in her sunglasses quickly became a meme. The mom writes that another Permit Patty is trying to get her kicked out of her own property because of her struggle to get her kids to nap.

lund Video facebook

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