Drottningholm stockholm

drottningholm stockholm

palace, flanked by thick tree avenues. Another noteworthy item is the traditional church tapestry which was made by Gustaf V of Sweden. The English garden edit Statue of Diana. 18th century edit Drottningholm Palace ca 1700. It is used to this day by the people of Lovön parish, who worship in the church on the last Sunday of every month. In 1797, it was the place of the great festivities when the King's bride, Frederica of Baden, was received there upon her arrival in Sweden, during which the last so called carousel, or tournament, was staged in the palace garden. 1 The Queen Dowager Regent Hedwig Eleonora bought the castle in 1661, a year after her role as Queen of Sweden ended, but it burnt to the ground on 30 December that same year. Sweden had grown to be a powerful country after the Peace of Westphalia. Address: 178 02 Drottningholm, Sweden, phone).

drottningholm stockholm

drottningholm stockholm

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The latter part "sund" means sound, and "torve" has to do with fishing (a prehistoric Swedish word). The palace theatre edit Main article: Drottningholm Palace Theatre The Drottningholm Palace Theatre is the opera house located at the palace. Stockholm County it is one. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. It was completed by his son in May, 1746. 2 Charles XV of Sweden preferred Ulriksdal Palace as his summer residence and ignored Drottningholm, but Oscar II of Sweden continued the repairs. The library and national hall received much of the attention and fire protection bor själv was installed throughout the palace. The purpose of the statues is to surprise a visitor by their unexpected appearance in a green area, or as a focal point for a vista. 2 Both Oscar I and Oscar II were criticized for modernizing the palace and adjusting it to contemporary fashion rather than restoring it to its original state, and it was not until the reign of Gustav V that the palace and surroundings were reconstructed. This lies north of the baroque garden and consists of two ponds with canals, bridges, large open sections of grass, and trees in groups or avenues.

2 In 1744, the palace was given as a gift from King Frederick I to the then Crown Princess, later Queen of Sweden, Louisa Ulrika of Prussia when she married Adolf Frederick of Sweden, who became King of Sweden in 1751. He further more used it for public celebrations, such as a reception for Pan-Scandinavian students in 1856, and in 1858, the future Gustav V of Sweden was born in the palace.

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